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    consistency + time = trust

    At Sunrise Capital Partners, we partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and pair them with supportive communities. Our community starts with our extended team of professionals. Our professionals are subject matter experts in marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, and other areas that we identify as building blocks of a scalable business platform. The sense of community continues across our vast portfolio as we help our founders connect. Running a company can be an isolating journey. Our community will be with you every step of the way.

We fundamentally view investing as a services business

We believe the primary purpose of an investment firm is to serve the entrepreneurs in whom we invest. If we do that, great technologies, businesses, and returns will follow.


    All great businesses start with great teams. Our firm will work with you to ensure you are recruiting for long-term success by finding and closing top candidates.


    Our extended product team has shipped product used by 100M+ users. The team can run workshops and product sprints for your startup.


    Companies thrive on strong growth. We work with our companies on building the key pillars of growth: sales, product development, marketing, financial and human capital.

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